Goodbye Paragon City

Goodbye Rogue Isles.

Goodbye to the Freedom Phalanx, and to the Vindicators. Goodbye to Arachnos, to Ouroboros, and to Vanguard.

Goodbye Statesman, Positron, Manticore, Synapse, Sister Psyche, Numina, Citadel, and Penelope Yin.

Goodbye to all the contacts, and most of all goodbye Detective Jose Brogan.

Goodbye Atlas Park, goodbye Steel Canyon. Goodbye Shadow Shard, jump pads and all.

Goodbye Mercy Island, and Nerva Archipelago. Goodbye Grandville, goodbye Sharkhead.

Goodbye Praetoria. Goodbye Resistance. Goodbye Loyalists.

Goodbye Heroes.

Goodbye Vigilantes.

Goodbye Villains.

Goodbye Rogues.

Goodbye Jury Ct., goodbye University Ave. (x2), and goodbye Leghorn St.

Today marks the final day that City of Heroes will grace the internet with its bandwidth. Most of the nearly 2 million people who tried City of Heroes won’t even notice its passing, as they left the game long ago, or simply never got into it to the level that our die hard fans did.

But those die hard fans are what makes today a most difficult day for everyone who worked on City of Heroes. We knew we delivered something special to you, something that spoke to you, something that inspired you, and something that you loved.

Taking that away from you is something I NEVER wanted to happen. I wanted to grow old with you, continue to give you new content and to take your characters places they have never been before. I loved hearing your stories of playing the game, the amazing characters you all made, and the friendships you forged. Again, I never wanted this shutdown to happen.

But happen it did, and now we’ll have nothing but fond memories of our time in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. I really thought I had come to accept the closure a couple months back, but here we are on the last day and it is just now hitting me that this is the end.

Tomorrow we will all wake up on a planet that no longer has a Paragon City to visit. This is a sad thing, it’s ok to be sad about it. I applaud the time and efforts you heroes (and villains) put into trying to #SaveCoH, and I do wish that those efforts had worked. But lets all keep our chins up and our pride intact. We (the devs and the players) together made something amazing, and the world will be at a loss without it.

I’ll be in Paragon City until the final Mapserver disconnect. Watch my twitter feed (@MMODesigner) for more information today.

153 Responses to “Goodbye Paragon City”

  1. @WildWolfling says:

    I miss you CoX.

  2. Arcana says:

    Puff: re: The Coming Storm. We took care of that:,6445.0.html

  3. rod harris says:

    i hope u guys come up with some thing else !!!!

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